Geneva Airport: approximate prices for car rental

  • MERCEDES B-class
    Number of days: 7
    120 Eur
    Ford C-Max
    Number of days: 7
    100 Eur
    Peugeot 107
    Number of days: 7
    Peugeot 107
    90 Eur
  • Audi A3
    Number of days: 7
    130 Eur
    Mini Cabrio
    Number of days: 7
    180 Eur
    Opel Astra
    Number of days: 7
    115 Eur
  • Audi A6
    Number of days: 7
    170 Eur
    Number of days: 7
    280 Eur
    VW Passat
    Number of days: 7
    125 Eur
  • Range Rover
    Number of days: 7
    250 Eur
    Audi Q7
    Number of days: 7
    250 Eur
    BMW X5
    Number of days: 7
    270 Eur
  • (Русский) Теги “Популярные направления”
    Number of days:
    Audi A6
    Number of days: 7
    Range Rover
    Number of days: 7
    Audi Q7
    Number of days: 7
    Nissan X-trail
    Number of days: 7
    Audi Q5
    Number of days: 7
    BMW X5
    Number of days: 7
    (Русский) Телефоны в подвале
    Number of days:
    (Русский) Телефон
    Number of days:
    Fiat Punto
    Number of days: 7

Fly to Switzerland with a stopover at the airport in Geneva? In that case book your rental car directly from the terminal and forget about the transfer to a remote office landlord! Let your journey through a charming Switzerland will begin with a pleasant and efficient service from one of the international companies (SIXT, EuropCar, Budget, Avis) Car Rental!

Rent a car at Geneva can be even if you are 18 years old. However, in this case, the rental of some machines will cost more than the others – the company would charge drivers up to 24 years, as the lack of experience is considered to be an additional risk. Some firms hire cars transport only lend to people older than 19 years.

The driver of any age, who wants to rent a car at Geneva we recommend booking in advance of the desired model. So you protect yourself and your travel companions traveling with the situation when a desired machine is not available. After booking, the specified e-mail address you will receive a voucher, which will need to print out and, together with a driver's license and credit card companies to provide office tenant. Would you like cars Class "luxury"? In this case, in Geneva, you can ask for details of two credit cards. With regard to the driver's license, then fit the plastic identity information in Latin letters or customary international "application."

The golden mean: the price of renting a car

To describe the value of rental cars in Geneva (and throughout Switzerland), one word is enough – it's expensive. But to find a profitable option can be everywhere, so to start shop around, and then proceed to the choice of:

Category For 3 days 7 days
Mini 165-170 euro 275-305 euro
Economy 147-199 euro 236-335 euro
Normal 216-339 euro 370-517 euro
Lux 448-625 euro 721-1018 euros
Versatile 250-343 euro 373-518 euro
SUV 308-328 euro 366-505 euro

If you love all kinds of useful tips and life hacking, then here's one of them: Geneva airport where you arrive, located on the border of Switzerland and France, and it has a small French sector, prices in rolling offices which are much lower than in the ground ( Switzerland) sector!

Both parts of the airport are located in the same building, but all the main services are located in the Swiss part, so after receiving the luggage you will have to walk a bit. Note that renting a car on the French side, you basically will obey the rules of hire another country. This option is for those who planned to see a glimpse of Switzerland, the rest of it is better not to risk it and take the car in the main sector of the airport.

To pay for the road and slow down

The first rule on the roads throughout Switzerland – they are paid. The corresponding point even included in the Constitution of the country and is tightly controlled by the Customs and the police. The fare is carried out in the form of vignettes, is valid for 14 months (from December 1 last until 1 January of the following year). The cost of such travel ticket is 37 euros, and for traveling without a vignette a fine of 190 euros. After receiving summonses, in the presence of a police officer or other inspection you will be required to still buy a vignette. If you do not plan to leave the borders of Geneva on the vignette can be saved, but it is usually already included in the rental.

In the center of Geneva's speed is limited to 50 kilometers per hour, and on the roads in the vicinity you can "step on the gas" is not more than 80. Speeding in the city is punishable by a fine of 38 to 695 euros and more (in excess of 25 to 39 km / h will deprive you of a round the amount of which is calculated on the basis of Swiss wages).

Measuring the speed of police in Geneva is carried out by means of several instruments. At the time of measurement takes into account the car's speed and accuracy of the device, which is subtracted from the measured value:

  • stationary laser: up to 100 km / h – consuming 3 to 150 km / h – 4, more than 150 km / h – 5;
  • Stationary Radar: up to 100 km / h – consuming 5 to 150 km / h – 6, more than 150 km / h – 9;
  • mobile radar: up to 100 km / h – consuming 7 to 150 km / h – 8, more than 150 km / h – 9.

If you have to communicate with the Swiss police for speeding, do not forget to specify whether they are deducted from your device error rate.

Fines for traffic violations in Geneva

Rules of the road in the Swiss capital are not much different from ours, but the fines are impressive:

Speeding From 38 to 695 euros (more)
Parking violations From 38 to 76 euros
How to get drunk From 476 to 952 euros
Travel light without the inclusion of devices From 38 euros
Driving without wearing seatbelts From 57 euros
Using a mobile phone without a "hands-free" 95 euro
Violation of rules of transportation of children 57 euro

As for the "drunk driving", in Geneva, it is to be made a blood alcohol level of the driver from the 0.5 ppm (0.2 ppm and from the drivers with experience up to 1 year).

Anyone can pay a fine police officer who wrote you a receipt. On payment of the fine through the cashier of the bank in Switzerland give 30 days. In the case of a serious breach of the case is referred to the court and its decisions will have to wait a long time without being able to control the vehicle in the country.

The insurance package for the rental car

Road transport in the world refers to the source of danger and in Switzerland this issue came up very thoroughly. You can insure the car on several schemes:

  • Theft Waiver – in the event of penetration into the interior and theft.
  • 3rd (Third) party liability – insurance for damage to third persons (civil liability).
  • Collision Damage Waiver – complete package that covers expenses in the event of any car accidents.

In the event of an emergency in Geneva and other cities of Switzerland, both sides filled with special acts, which indicate personal data, information about the machines, the numbers of insurance, as well as the paint scheme of the accident and exchange copies of documents. Further, such a document is sent to the insurance company.

Rental cars are usually insured under the first two packages from the list. You can order and hull insurance, but the rental will cost more.

Petrol stations and fuel prices in Geneva

Fuel in Geneva can be purchased around the clock:

  • From 8 to 22 filling stations operate with a "live" operators, where you can pay by card or paper money.
  • 24 hours a day open, automatic filling stations, where the fee for taking the car fuel. Fuel delivery will begin only after the payment. It is preferable to pay with the card because the machine does not produce the change.

Fuel prices:

  • unleaded petrol 95 – 1.49 euros;
  • unleaded petrol 98 – 1.53 euros;
  • diesel – 1.52 euros;
  • gas – 0.85 euros.

Please note that gas stations in town is very small. If you want to rent a car at the gas pre-specify whether your route are gas stations. As for gasoline and diesel filling stations, they are located in sufficient quantity in the city and along the trails. For the insurance can be transported to a fuel canister (25 liters).

Parking in the center and on the outskirts of Geneva

With parking in Geneva strictly – the whole city is divided into colored zone rules "game" each of which is different. Remember they are not difficult:

  1. White zone – the park is free, unless otherwise indicated. It is necessary to check whether there is nearby parking machine – it is a sign that the parking is not free. You can pay using a machine and coins. The resulting ticket do not forget to leave under the windshield! Time is limited to 1-2 hours of parking.
  2. Blue Zone – purchase a blue parking disc and leave the car for up to 90 minutes.
  3. Red Zone – all as in the previous paragraph, only the red disc and parking time – 15 hours. Buy parking discs can be in police stations, offices of travel agencies, shops.
  4. Yellow Zone – you can not park.

The cost depends on the Geneva parking zone varies in the range from 0.5 to 4 Euro / hour. On the outskirts of town there is parking Park & ​​Ride – this is the cheapest option of parking in Geneva.

Cheap rent a car, you can also in the following cities:

  • Zurich – economy class from 26 euros per night

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