Minimum prices for car rental at the airport in London

  • Fiat Punto
    Number of days: 7
    23 Eur
    Ford Fiesta
    Number of days: 7
    20 Eur
    Peugeot 107
    Number of days: 7
    Peugeot 107
    15 Eur
  • Audi A3
    Number of days: 7
    53 Eur
    Mini Cabrio
    Number of days: 7
    45 Eur
    Opel Astra
    Number of days: 7
    38 Eur
    Number of days: 7
    145 Eur
    BMW 5 Series
    Number of days: 7
    125 Eur
    VW Passat
    Number of days: 7
    90 Eur
  • Audi Q7
    Number of days: 7
    195 Eur
    Nissan X-trail
    Number of days: 7
    170 Eur
    Audi Q5
    Number of days: 7
    150 Eur
  • (Русский) Теги “Популярные направления”
    Number of days:
    Audi A6
    Number of days: 7
    Range Rover
    Number of days: 7
    Audi Q7
    Number of days: 7
    Nissan X-trail
    Number of days: 7
    Audi Q5
    Number of days: 7
    BMW X5
    Number of days: 7
    (Русский) Телефоны в подвале
    Number of days:
    (Русский) Телефон
    Number of days:
    Fiat Punto
    Number of days: 7

London – the capital of the UK and a real magnet for tourists from all over the world. Round trip planned in advance, but one of its points is mandatory to become a car hire. View of the city on their own plan, while not dependent on tour buses and travel agencies – a great opportunity to experience a full English immersion into reality. Since this city is huge, we recommend that you look for in a car rental company that presented at Heathrow.

Air gates of the capital – Heathrow Airport, which is considered huge in its capabilities. Its terminals are constantly swarming people, life does not stop here, night or early morning, so fly, collect your luggage and go to their (even rolled) wheels – the idea is correct.

Among all companies, landlords should highlight those that have proven themselves and have an extensive network around the world:

  • Auto Europe,
  • Hertz,
  • Europcar,
  • Dollar,
  • Avis,
  • Budget,
  • Sixt.

Also presented and brokers that offer good conditions for a variety of car rental classes – notorious BookingWorld, good prices the company Nova Car Hire, and two members, which are popular among tourists – Economy Car Rentals and Instant Cars.

How much is a machine that is included in the rent

When choosing a car, you must first define the class. As a general rule, travelers prefer economy and middle class, but there are exceptions: in order to spend seven days in paradise, it is worth to pay a bit more and take the luxury car or a powerful SUV, which allows to hit the road, even on the road (if you You find, of course).

Average prices for a period of three days and seven days are shown in the table below:

Category for 3 days 7 days
Mini 85-140 £ 170-290 £
Economy 70-230 £ 180-315 £
Normal 90-280 £ 260-460 £
Lux 320-950 £ 640-920 £
Versatile 130-450 £ 215-670 £
SUV 360-720 £ 450-900 £
Van 310-550 £ 550-1000 £

In order to rent a car, you need to be international law, on the amount of credit card that will be frozen for the duration of the contract, and insurance. As a rule, in London, the age limit for the driver – with a term of 21 years driving at least a year, but in cases with expensive cars, he rises to 25 (in some situations, you can pay a so-called "tax on age", but not always).

The cost of rented car will unlimited mileage, standard insurance packages, but the additional equipment and accessories – car seats, or navigator, roof rack – have to pay extra. The movement in the country and in the city left hand, need to get used to that, so the first day (especially if you have not been to London) try to ride calm and measured.

Important: traveling with children, do not forget to take care of the car seats in advance. Pointing is in talks with the rental company, you get a car with seating at the right time and be able to quickly go in the right direction, but not tired after the flight to entertain children.

The speed of movement and the penalties for violations

In the capital of the UK, as well as across the country, are standard restrictions: you can ride around the city with a speed of no more than 30 miles per hour, and on the slopes – 60 or 70 miles / hour depending on the type. It is necessary to look carefully at the signs that always report the beginning or the end zone speed limits. if we talk about common rules, they include:

  • The need to buckle up, and the driver and all the passengers.
  • Terms of carrying children – in special seats or boosters according to age, weight and height.
  • The maximum rate of alcohol in the blood – 0.8 ppm.
  • The ability to ride through a dedicated lane bus lines only during certain hours (worth watching for the signs).
  • Use sound signal can only be a last resort.
  • Talking on a cell phone without a headset "Hands free" is prohibited.

The penalties are quite high, but in any case it is not necessary to break the rules in order not to poison the journey itself.

Important: The foreign drivers are required to pay a fine police officer, who has written a fine for the violation, otherwise the amounts will have to leave at 300 pounds as a deposit.

Questions Car rental insurance

The standard package includes three types of insurance: theft, damage and liability insurance to third parties. I must say that in London quite courteous drivers, and the crime situation (if you do not call in certain areas, enjoying an unfortunate reputation) quiet. And yet, to feel confident and not worry about the possible consequences of force majeure, you can take out insurance with no deductible in the process of booking a car online Travelocars or in most rental company. The cost of insurance in the full version will not hit too expensive, because the car is leased in a few months, and for days, but calm markedly increase.

Fuel and parking issues in London

In the city and beyond a sufficient number of filling stations and complexes, where you can refuel two types of unleaded petrol – 95 and 98, as well as diesel fuel. In the city (and the country) are allowed to have in the trunk of a canister of fuel, but it will have to pay, if it's about the journey by ferry.

Parking in London, especially in the central areas – a task with the unknown. Should an advance look at the map, where you can leave the car, consider the migration routes. Note that to enter the center has its own fee – London Congestion Charge is £ 10, which can be paid before or on the day of travel. The desire to save can result in a fine of £ 140, and this will agree, is sensitive to the purse of the traveler.

Consider all the parking on the site of NCP – parking operator. In particular, he has to manage a lot of parking lots in the center of London, and in addition, always up to date information about available space of time that you can leave the car there, the cost of an hour, and so on Interestingly, you can pre-book a parking space – in this case, the savings will pay up to 20%.

Put the car on the streets of the British capital is prohibited on weekdays from 9-30 am to 18-30 pm. It is also important to look carefully at the signs – some of the streets have their own characteristics, and put the car there, you can spend the next half-day to look for her and paying towing (up to 350 pounds). In some areas of the city improperly parked car mounted wheel locks – and this is also an unpleasant situation.

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