Rent a car at the airport in Palermo, rates for 7 days:

  • Fiat Punto
    Number of days: 7
    95 Eur
    VW Polo
    Number of days: 7
    110 Eur
    Ford Fiesta
    Number of days: 7
    100 Eur
  • Audi A3
    Number of days: 7
    145 Eur
    MERCEDES B-class
    Number of days: 7
    160 Eur
    Citroen DS3
    Number of days: 7
    140 Eur
  • Audi A6
    Number of days: 7
    190 Eur
    Number of days: 7
    290 Eur
    BMW 5 Series
    Number of days: 7
    250 Eur
  • Range Rover
    Number of days: 7
    240 Eur
    Nissan X-trail
    Number of days: 7
    180 Eur
    Audi Q5
    Number of days: 7
    220 Eur
  • (Русский) Теги “Популярные направления”
    Number of days:
    Audi A6
    Number of days: 7
    Range Rover
    Number of days: 7
    Audi Q7
    Number of days: 7
    Nissan X-trail
    Number of days: 7
    Audi Q5
    Number of days: 7
    BMW X5
    Number of days: 7
    (Русский) Телефоны в подвале
    Number of days:
    (Русский) Телефон
    Number of days:
    Fiat Punto
    Number of days: 7

Spend an unforgettable holiday in the beautiful city of Palermo (Italy), which is located in sunny Sicily – the dream of many tourists and travelers. The most convenient way to travel through the streets – behind the wheel of your own car. Rent a car in Palermo in several ways.

  1. Immediately upon arrival, you can contact one of the few companies that offer rental services of transport. There you complete your lease, insurance, get the keys – and boldly go on a fabulous city.
  2. Previously, in the past month, and it is better – two, you can book a car on the internet with the help of Travelocars. You make an advance payment, just complete your proper papers, and then without worry and bustle of holiday you will have to wait. When you exit the airport terminal car will already be.

Note that in the season to find the car quite difficult, since the influx of tourists is increasing dramatically, and with it the demand for vehicles.

Advantages of travel in a rented car in Palermo undeniable: you do not have to adjust to the schedule of the bus, which provides the hotel, you will not be among the crowd of curious tourists and noisy, and finally be able to plan your holiday as you wish.

Average prices for car hire in Palermo

Category In 3 days, € For 7 days, €
Mini 87 203
Economy 87 203
Normal 135 315
Lux 345 805
Versatile 168 392
SUV 318 742
Van 246 574

Penalties for violation of traffic rules

Going on a trip to Palermo, be sure to check features of traffic on the roads of the city and beyond (it is likely that you will want to ride to the neighboring town to get better acquainted with the way of life of the Sicilians). Characterized by a local traffic chaotic: people are not too honored rules. In addition, the streets are narrow and very confusing. These factors have led to the fact that Palermo entered into four European cities busiest roads and the amount of congestion.

Despite the apparent disregard for traffic rules locals repeat their recklessness is not: the police is very strictly monitors the violators, and fines are enormous.

Type of violation The fine, €
If you like speed, yet try to restrain himself: the excess – is punishable. 500-3300
Do you want to quickly and quietly slip in the red ahead of everyone? Kindly pay foolhardiness. 160-650
You hurry up and overtake the car in front in the wrong place. 160-650
Failure to comply with the distance between vehicles 40-170

In addition to these cases, you need to follow other rules, violation of which can put a round sum.

  • Seat belts have to fasten all the passengers and the driver.
  • While driving through a tunnel or at lower visibility due to weather conditions, be sure to include a passing light.
  • When the inside of children up to 3 years old – take care of a special seat anchorages. The child, whose growth does not exceed 150 cm, should also be carried in a chair, which corresponds to its weight.
  • It is impossible to conduct conversations over the phone that you want to hold in your hand. You want to talk while driving – use wireless devices.

The maximum blood alcohol content must not exceed 0.8 ppm. Yes, Sicily – the cradle of the Italian Mafia, but the police still did not sit idly by. If your body the presence of alcohol is higher than the values ​​laid – you do not just fined, but may even deny freedom and human. The fines for drunk driving truly mafia – a prohibitive amount.

Speed ​​limits on roads Palermo

You belong to lovers of fast driving and neglect speed limits? Then your holiday budget will greatly increase: Police Palermo loves to penalize reckless drivers, especially because of their often form plugs, which greatly delay the general movement. That's what restrictions there are on the roads of the city and beyond:

  • The streets are allowed to travel at a speed not exceeding 50 km / h.
  • Outside the city, you can accelerate to 90 km / h.
  • Between the two cities on the route, permissible speed is 110 km / h.
  • On the highway with multiple lanes you can ride with the wind at a speed of 130 km / h.

Parking in Palermo. How to park

As mentioned above, the traffic flow in the Sicilian city very tight. Machines are near each other, so to put the rental car in the parking lot of Palermo have to work hard. For this case it will require a lot of experience, which certainly you have. So, if you park in a "zero visibility" – a usual thing, you will not be difficult to put the car on a free place.

Parking spaces in the Italian city marked by three different colors.

  • Yellow markings showing places for special urban transport. Use these places can only locals. If you inadvertently leave your car there, then most likely, you will not find him on his return: car evacuated to the penalty parking lot, and you have to pay a ransom for her (fine).
  • Blue lines indicate that the parking lot has parking machines, and free to leave the car can only be from 0 to 8 in the morning.
  • White markings indicating that parking is free, but the time: you need to purchase a parking disc, after which you need to leave in a conspicuous place with the exposed time.

On the gas stations and fuel costs in Palermo

When planning a long journey by car, rented in Palermo, consider one very important detail: practically all filling open until 19.00. Also, they are closed during siesta. Hour only charging on motorways. The tank fills the staff, but there are also refueling, which provides for independent work of the driver. These service points marked by a special sign «self service».

In the city gas stations in the presence is not only the usual 95-th and 98-th petrol but also diesel and gas.

  • 95 Gasoline costs about 1.8 euros per liter.
  • Petrol 98 – a little more expensive, 1.9 euros per liter.
  • Diesel will cost 1.7 euros per liter.

Insurance for the period of renting a car

Companies offer the following types of insurance.

  • TP – theft of the vehicle. Liability is limited to the client.
  • TPL – from damage to third parties. Material costs are reimbursed the customer completely or partially.
  • CDW – limits the financial liability of the client in the event of damage to the machine.

The insurance covers only those expenses that exceeded the deductible – the deposit that was blocked on the client's account. Before you sign the papers, find out what is included in your chosen type of insurance. Remember that the standard contract does not provide for compensation for the repair of glass, headlights and tires.

If desired, you can make superstrahovku. Cheaper to do it online Travelocars, but it is possible to subscribe to the conditions and directly in the office rental cars in Palermo.

When driving on urban roads in a rented car, you must be patient and restrained: local drivers are always somewhere in a hurry. Even if you go with the maximum allowable speed, be sure there are unhappy with your slowness. He will express their outrage with the help of signals and blinking lights. Do not let yourself be provoked, do not break the rules. Then your holiday budget does not suffer from unnecessary waste, associated with the payment of fines. Enjoy the wonderful city that harmoniously combines the achievements of the present and the medieval flavor. You will return home inspired and happy: Palermo – a magical place to relax.

Other popular cities in Italy

Venice – 261 EUR per week Verona – 178 EUR per week Cagliari – 518 EUR per week Milan – 167 EUR per week Naples – 460 EUR per week Pisa – 259 EUR per week Rome – 196 EUR per week Sardinia – 172 EUR per week Sicily – 181 EUR per week

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