Average prices for rental cars in Belgium

  • Ford Fiesta
    Number of days: 7
    110 Eur
    VW Polo
    Number of days: 7
    115 Eur
    Peugeot 107
    Number of days: 7
    Peugeot 107
    100 Eur
  • Mini Cabrio
    Number of days: 7
    160 Eur
    Opel Astra
    Number of days: 7
    100 Eur
    Citroen DS3
    Number of days: 7
    115 Eur
  • Audi A6
    Number of days: 7
    180 Eur
    Number of days: 7
    280 Eur
    VW Passat
    Number of days: 7
    135 Eur
  • Range Rover
    Number of days: 7
    220 Eur
    Nissan X-trail
    Number of days: 7
    170 Eur
    Audi Q5
    Number of days: 7
    250 Eur
  • (Русский) Теги “Популярные направления”
    Number of days:
    Audi A6
    Number of days: 7
    Range Rover
    Number of days: 7
    Audi Q7
    Number of days: 7
    Nissan X-trail
    Number of days: 7
    Audi Q5
    Number of days: 7
    BMW X5
    Number of days: 7
    (Русский) Телефоны в подвале
    Number of days:
    (Русский) Телефон
    Number of days:
    Fiat Punto
    Number of days: 7

Travel to the Kingdom of Belgium will show the true level of European prosperity. One of the three Benelux countries attracts tourists Gothic monuments, is not inferior to them in popularity tapestries, lace, chocolate and fine cuisine. On the territory of the Western European states passes the famous Grand Prix "Formula 1", and a large part of the tourists attracted to diamonds, because the choice of precious stones really fantastic.

For a detailed acquaintance with the prosperous Belgium the best option – it is to rent a car. Even a short holiday, this service is able to turn in a better journey when convenient can be even more useful and profitable.

The cost of fuel in Belgium is one of the lowest in this part of Europe, which makes car rental profitable!

So, if you have the right international standard, and you turned 21, then nothing will prevent use of the service. To execute the contract still need a passport and a credit card as payment in cash is not possible. Be sure to specify the place where at the end of the lease you must return the car. And do not lose sight of such nuance as the fuel level: it must be the same as that of the contract and at the time of car rental, otherwise we will have to refund the difference.

Airports in Belgium

In some cities of the Kingdom, you can rent a car at the airport. This service will be available to those who arrive in:

  • Brussels Airport (Zaventem or Charleroi)
  • Liege,
  • Antwerp
  • Ostend-Bruges.

Average prices in Belgium for car hire

The services for those wishing to rent a car in Belgium are ready to offer the following companies:

  • Alamo,
  • Avis,
  • Budget,
  • Enterprise,
  • Europcar,
  • Keddy by europcar,

The average cost of a car rental rates for the different classes:

Category for 3 days 7 days
Mini 82-220 euro 112-257 euro
Economy 87-190 euro 117-218 euro
Normal 120-290 euro 170-338 euro
Lux 220-720 euro 301-825 euro
Versatile 125-550 euro 175-814 euro
SUV 180-450 euro 243-650 euro
Van 330-620 euro 580-1350 euros

The speed limit on the roads of Belgium

As in other European countries, road safety is given the strictest attention. Terms speed limits in Belgium are similar to common European rules

  • The speedometer in the village can not be above 50 km / h.
  • For settlement permissible speed not exceeding 90 km / h.
  • On the motorway the minimum speed of 70 km / h and will accelerate to 120 km / h.

During a trip to the Belgian roads should be not only a speedometer, but also for traffic signs, speed limits prescriptive.

Rules and penalties for infringements

To avoid violations and penalties, sufficient to observe the rules. When serious violations of the amount of the fine could be significant, especially since local services entrusted to keep order on the roads, carefully carry out their duties, using surveillance cameras. Belgian road – this is not the place where you have to take chances, because many areas are equipped with automatic radars.

If we talk about the rules, they are not much different from those that operate in other EU countries. Taking advantage of renting a car in Belgium, must be considered:

  • The seat belt is mandatory for all. Tacked on during the trip must not only the driver but also the passengers, including those in the back seat.
  • To transport children up to 12 years can only be in a special chair, taking into account the height and weight of the child. Installing a car seat is permitted only on the rear passenger seat as the front transportation of children is prohibited.
  • Include dipped unnecessarily is not necessary. Accidentally or intentionally, but it can serve as a pretext for the police to stop the car.
  • The device hands free – a mandatory addition to the mobile phone and without options, if there is no desire to pay a large fine.

All kinds of violations of traffic rules in Belgium is divided into four categories – from minor to serious, and they are followed by penalties:

  • 50 euros (unlocked vehicle, illegal parking, for not wearing seat belts, for the carriage of children without special seats);
  • € 100 (travel to yellow, non-compliance with the priority at the crossroads, talking on mobile phone, fouling the environment);
  • 150 euros (running a red, turning off lights and parking lights in the dark, disobeying police);
  • 200-2750 euros (riding in the opposite direction, a reversal through the separating, reversing, non-compliance with the rules on the w / e crossing, stop at the intersection).

Belgian law enforcement officers on the roads, and can do right away, if it is recorded in case of severe violation of traffic rules.

Speeding is a separate category, which for exceeding:

  • At 10 km / h – a fine of 50 euros.
  • More than 10 km / h – a fine of 50 euros + 5.10 euros for every 1 km / h.
  • Over 200 km / h – driving ban.

Belgian policemen are allowed to charge a fee to foreign nationals on the spot and in cash if its size in the range of 100 euros. In any case, do not attempt to negotiate to avoid a prison sentence.

In Belgium, there is no practice test for alcohol or drugs. Only in the event of an accident the police can do the test if the result is positive, the driver automatically becomes the culprit traffic accident or an accident.

Important! The law allowed the rate of 150 grams of red wine or a bottle of beer in it is 0.49 ppm.

Questions rented car insurance

The leased car will require to consider the question of insurance. A standard set of proposals includes three options:

  • Insurance by a third party (similar to CTP) – Third party liability. If you happen to unpleasant incident, the insurance company will reimburse the losses to a third party, and over leased cars all financial responsibility rests with the driver to use the services of the company rolling.
  • Insurance against theft and auto theft, but not the driver's own things of the rented car – Theft Waiver.
  • With a deductible (similar CASCO) – CDW (Collision Damage Waiver).

The premium for the insurance contract will be acceptable sum, because the availability of insurance for the driver will be a reasonable solution and the key to peace of mind.

The cost of fuel at petrol stations in Belgium

Part of the development of the country's roads are modern refueling, offering two options for fuel: unleaded gasoline and diesel fuel. In addition, provision and gas fueling.

A large number of petrol stations eliminates the problem suddenly run out of fuel during the trip. Automatic operation and payment by credit cards – this is a feature of local gas stations, as well as the fact that the cost of fuel is the same throughout the country in view of the fact that price control is engaged in the government.

Prices for the different types of fuel in Belgium:

  • A liter of petrol 95 – 1.52 euro.
  • A liter of petrol 98 – 1.57 euro.
  • A liter of diesel fuel – 1.27 Euro.

Parking spaces

In most cities in Belgium Car parking – paid. Parking ticket payment can be taken in a special machine and mounted on the windshield. If there is a sign Axe Rouge (Ax Rode), the parking lot will have to find another place in between 07: 00-09: 30 and 16: 00-18: 00 local time.

Park for free, but no more than 3 hours, it will turn into a "blue zone". To do this in advance at the gas station, in a tobacco shop or at a police station must purchase a parking disc.

For parking space for the car does not have to pay on Sundays, holidays and at night (18:00 to 9:00). Some cities have underground parking, where the size of the payment below.

The estimated cost of rolled products in popular cities of Belgium (Machinery and Economy Class CD)

Brussels – 118 EUR per week

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