What to do in Denver in 3 days

Three Day Trip in Denver, USA

Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado in the central/western United States. Denver is called the “mile-high city” because it is located one mile above sea level, i.e. exactly 1609 meters. It turns out that over the XX century the population of the city has grown more than 4 times: from 133,859 to 554,636 people. One in five Denver residents speaks exclusively Spanish at home. The third most popular language in Denver is Vietnamese. In 2016, Denver was named the best place to live in the United States by U.S. News & World Report. In this article we will inform you what can be done in Denver in three days.

Day One of Denver Travel

This city surprises with a variety of amazing places. You can book private car service from Denver airport to travel to mountains. The multitude of impressive museums, nature preserves, and Denver's elevation is dizzying. Any tourist, who arrives in an unremarkable place (at first glance), won’t remain indifferent. As in any other American metropolis, the Downtown is a heart of the city. Denver is no exception to the rule. In this part of the city, there are the top attractions. The center of the city is called the Civic Center. This is not even a square, but a real park around which there are public buildings. Here you can see one of the best US Capitols, in which the government of the state of Colorado sits, and opposite - the building of the City Hall. You can always enter the Capitol. Its uniqueness lies in its dome: it is covered with gold.

There is an informative Denver Museum of Nature and Science in the Civic Center with an exposition of exhibits and documentary chronicles that tell about the state, the “gold rush”, and the Indians. Interestingly, even at the Denver airport, there is a whole gallery dedicated to the history of the state and the local nationalities.

Capitol Hill in Denver never sleeps. Here are the best restaurants and cultural institutions in the city. The tourist streets of Denver leave in different directions from it. A little lower is the old LoDo Historic District. The locals call it "LoDo". It contains the Larimer Square, a place of evening and night promenades, rich in various clubs and drinking establishments. 

A little further in the north of the Golden Triangle, in the Colorado Convention Center, you may see the Denver's most famous sculpture. It is a 40-foot giant blue bear named "I see what you mean".

This part of the city also features lots of historical buildings, the Union Station, museums, and other attractions. For example, in LoDo there is a house museum of Molly Brown, the legendary female passenger of the Titanic. This woman managed to survive the tragedy and was called "unsinkable". Next to it, there is the Colorado Governor's Mansion. It is a building with an amazing history and fates of its residents. Today you may discover both the original furniture of that period and also a lot of charming antique knick-knacks during Guided tours in Denver.

Using Low cost USA car rental, you may enjoy the atmosphere of the Dairy Market and the Denver Central Market. The latter, located in the Reno area, and the Dairy Market, located in LoDo, are the indoor markets in Denver that host various stalls. They have large spaces, where you can sit to sample what you need. Here people get together to chat with friends, discuss projects, work alone, or just drink coffee. The atmosphere is warm and friendly.

Day Two of Denver Travel

When in Denver, make sure to have breakfast at one of the local cafes. Sitting in a cafe, you can feel that the city is alive, the locals love to walk. For example, Snooze, located in RiNo and Union Station, are the perfect breakfast spots with plenty of sweet and savory options and in addition with a cozy atmosphere.

You may also admire a street art of the Reno area. It is a very "artistic" area of Denver. Once a rehabilitated industrial area, it is now a trendy zone. Here you may find art galleries, small shops, lots of bars, restaurants, and lots of street art. If you're in Reno during the day, don't be misled by the silence of the streets: the area comes alive in the evening.

It is also worth remembering the Denver Botanic Gardens. This is a unique recreation area that includes several parks, Japanese and alpine gardens, an arboretum, artificial ponds, and indoor greenhouses, in which orchids and bromeliads grow, brought from Latin America.

The Performing Art Center is a must-see for all the sophisticated theater lovers. It is worth mentioning, that it is the second in the country after the Lincoln Center in New York. It regularly hosts theatrical events, ballets, performances of the opera artists, concerts of the symphony orchestras, as well as the pop stars shows.

You will definitely enjoy the excursion to the Buffalo Bill Museum. This is a bright figure of the American Wild West, one of the country's famous showmen, an experienced soldier and hunter, who created a beautiful myth about the history of the development of the US West. The remains of this legendary man are buried on the territory of this memorial. You can also visit the Denver Zoo, one of the most popular in the country, the Gate Planetarium, and the Aquarium.

Day Three of Denver Travel

A visit to the one of the most unusual buildings in the world - the International Cannabis Church, may also be considered as an adventure. The building of an abandoned Lutheran church was chosen in 2017 to worship a completely new religion - "elevatorism". The ancient exterior of the iconic building contrasts strikingly with its bright multicolored interior and the neon rainbow mural on the ceiling. You can also book a limo service
to visit this or  other places near Denver.

The uniqueness of Denver is based on its location. The locals refer to their city as the "Capital of the Rocky Mountains" and "The City at the Mile High". Many of them have chosen Denver as their residence for this reason alone. Residents of the city love the mountains and everything connected with them, including skiing, rock climbing, and hiking.

Red Rock Park is both a park and a real amphitheater. Here periodically are held the concerts of many famous performers, as well as of the bands or DJs. The Red Rocks Amphitheater is located near Morrison, about a half an hour from downtown Denver. Denver hotels also offer a scheduled daily shuttle service to the location. The nature of the rocks is unusually picturesque. If you have time, it would be nice to attend a concert here. If you are not planning to go to a concert itself, you can still head to the amphitheater to see it. In addition to the concerts, the amphitheater can be visited free of charge.

This magnificent amphitheater with approximately 9,500 seats is located in Red Rocks Park about 25 km west of Denver. Its originality lies in the fact that it is “sandwiched” between two large monoliths 90 meters high. The amphitheater is located at an altitude of almost 2000 meters above sea level. This is a concert venue that has been visited by many music stars: The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Skrillex, etc. For a musician, a performance at the Red Rocks Amphitheater is the best he/she can dream of thanks to its special atmosphere, almost mystical.

This unique geological formation was once called the Garden of Angels. The businessman John Brisbane Walker had the idea to turn it into a concert venue and organized a series of musical events there between 1906 and 1910, before the City of Denver bought it in 1927, to provide it with a fixed stage and to increase its capacity to 9,450 spectators. Many concerts are held here during the summer. So, you can check the program on the official website.

However, the Red Rocks Amphitheater is more than just a music scene. You can book a tour of the amphitheater, take a look behind the scenes, and gain an access to the Red Rocks Hall of Fame. Open all the year round, this welcoming venue has a gift shop and a restaurant, as well as the Red Rocks Hall of Fame, a veritable memorial gallery of the artists who shaped the legend of the Red Rocks Amphitheater.

You can easily get there by using Denver to Red Rocks car service. Here you can find the great cars at the best prices. The limo service Denver has a huge number of positive reviews and is very popular in Denver. It's safe to say that you won't be disappointed with any performance at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. Exceptional acoustics mixed with the professional equipment make local concerts simply unsurpassed.

Bottom Line

Denver is a wonderful and pleasant city. Even though some kind of provinciality is felt in it, there are more than 600 thousand people living there. It is a very clean and well-maintained city. If you want to escape away from the hustle and bustle of American cities, to merge with a nature, take a breath of fresh air with an easily perceptible aroma of greenery, go to Denver!